We can provide you with a quality custom built website tailored to your personal or company's requirements.

There are basically 2 ways we can produce a website for you.

• A simple "Static" paged websites that is an advertisement for yourself or company. We would have perform any updates to text and graphics but you could still have the choice of design and content.

• A fully dynamic website that can be altered by a user who has basic knowledge of computing.  We produce the website "template", based on your requirements. We will initially set up the website with the content but once completed, you have the option to alter buttons, menus, text and graphics as per needed. The choice is yours.

Whatever method you choose, we can advice you on getting onto search engines and methods to get close to the top, if not at the top. (Depending on the type of company).

Here are a couple of the website produced by Premier C+D

Gran Sol Properties (Europe) Limited
Calpe Sun Estate Agents
Joe Power (Psychic Medium)
Premier (C&D) Ltd