computer-virusThese days, computers are getting more prone to virus 'attacks'. Basically while browsing the internet, some malicious sites use your internet browser to attach viruses to files inside your computer system. These sites are accessed by accident while doing a search and clicking on the wrong search result.  Most virus checkers/internet security programs will warn you about the virus and kill it immediately but unfortunately some viruses get through and attach themselves to important system files. Symptoms include lots of hard disk activity slowing the machine to a half (and crashes). Other symptoms can be more visual like the desktop icons changing to 'illegal' sites and access denied to the control panel and other important system tools. It's very difficult to fully remove a virus once it has infected most of the system files.

If you have had the above senario, then we can help you. We can backup data on your hard disk. This data includes :-

• Standard windows document folders. Including pictures/videos/download folders etc. (you will have to let us know if you have any other hidden folders with files in them)   
Microsoft Outlooktm data backup, including email folders, calendar, addresses, account settings and rules. ( note: if you would like us to set up your internet accounts again for you, we will need to know your passwords etc. You can always enter the passwords yourself if you don't want to reveal them to us - we understand your privacy)
Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail backup. Including Emails, Addresses and Account settings (passwords may be lost so please make sure you have these written down - again, you can give them to us or enter them yourself).
• Desktop folders (if any)
• If there are any other programs you need to keep the settings on, then please let us know before we commence work on your computer.

We will basically backup the most important documents and other folders then reinstall windows and restore the files to their original location. Most program settings will be lost unless you specify which program you need to keep settings on. You need to also give us any driver disks for your external peripherals such as printers, scanners, web cameras etc or at least give us the model names etc.

We unfortunately cannot replace software that was previously installed on your computer (this is illegal) unless you temporarily give us your copy of the original CD/DVD so we can reinstall the software for you.